Rules & Regulations


THE SEASON: Spruce Sands R.V. Resort’s services operate from May long weekend to the beginning of October (weather permitting). Vehicle access to sites is closed throughout the winter months, but walk ins are allowed. *roads are closed to vehicles after first snow* NO off road vehicles allowed on or off season. Our office is at the store in the summer months and by appointment for the remainder of the year.  Please give us a call and we will try and accommodate your request.

Your trailer will be required to remain unplugged throughout the ‘off season”. If you require a nightly stay, please notify management and a small fee for services will be required. ($5/night)

QUIET HOURS: Our quiet hours are from 11 P.M. to 9 A.M. Be respectful and considerate of other campers. Any activity or noise which may affect the comfort of other campers is not permitted. This includes loud music, shouting, profanities and any other offensive conduct.

FIRE BAN: Open fires are prohibited if the water has not been turned on. (Winter fires may be allowed if management has been notified)

OUR LAND: Please look after our environment. Any gravel, limestone, pea gravel, or river rock, etc. added to your lot must be preapproved.  Failure to get approval may result in removal of said product at tenants cost. Creating additional space, including paths or removal of live trees or brush without permission will not be tolerated (this is considered lot creep). Take into consideration the next tenant may not want that path there. Please remember to not litter, damage property, or trespass on or through other people’s property or campsites (including sites of absent tenants). Glass bottles must be handled carefully everywhere in the campground.  Broken glass is hazardous.

No pesticides.

Spruce Sands is situated in a young forest. We have been nurturing the land for over 60 years to be a beautiful sheltered landscape. One way to continue nurturing the land is to avoid gravelling your entire lot. For this reason, as of 2023, Spruce Sands will not allow entire lots to be gravelled. If this occurs without managements written approval, the leasee will be required to remove all gravel and return lot to grass prior to selling at their own cost.

TREE REMOVAL: All tree removal is at discretion of management. If management deems it necessary the trailer and any other structures must be removed before tree removal is
performed. If customer does not wish to comply with structure removal, they will be charged for any and all expenses incurred.

WASHROOMS: The washrooms were designed for your convenience and are not a playground.
Children under six should be accompanied by an adult. Anyone caught vandalizing the washrooms will be evicted from the park. These facilities are locked from 10pm to 9am.

PETS: All pets must be on a leash, under physical control, and not a nuisance to other
campers. Please carry a plastic bag with you and clean up after your pet. Respect your neighbours by not leaving your pet tied up and alone at your trailer while you are gone. They miss you and usually let everyone know it.

VISITORS: All unregistered overnight quests, 18 years of age or older, will be charged $10.00 per night. Failure to register guests may result in management\security asking guests to leave. A seasonal guest rate is available upon request. The behaviour of said guest will reflect on you.  All damages caused by your guest(s) will be billed to you.

TELEPHONE MESSAGES: Only emergency phone messages will be delivered to campsites. All other messages will be posted on the Note Board outside the store. We are not always available to receive phone messages or seek people, therefore, Spruce Sands is not responsible for undelivered or missed messages.

PAYMENTS: Payment on your site is due no later than April 30th. A deposit of $200.00 is due no later than October 1st and will guarantee your site for the upcoming year. If a deposit is not received your lease will be considered terminated. Should you wish to pull your camping unit out for any length of time it is imperative that you advise the management of the time it will be gone. Failure to do so will automatically be assumed you have left for the balance of the season and subsequent loss of your site. Non payment of site by May 1st will be constituted as non compliance of rental agreement and services may be restricted to that site. Loss of items due to restricted services is at the cost of the tenant.  The removal of the unit and item on the site is prohibited until payment is made. The RV and all other items on the site will become the property of Spruce Sands RV Resort. Items left behind will be stored for 30 days at the tenants risk, at a cost to them. After 30 days, all possessions including the R.V. will be sold to re-coup all debt as owed to Spruce Sands R.V. Resort. Compensation or forewarning should not be expected.

Your fees at spruce sands are administered as a lease on the private property of spruce sands RV Resort. Payment of This lease (due no later than May 1st) allows an RV and other structures such as, gazebo, deck, and shed(s) to reside on the leased site. All fees are due granted these  belongings reside on the property. To avoid paying unwanted fees, all items must be removed before the season begins (may1st). This lease holds regardless of weather, fire, government issued closures, etc.

PAYMENT PLAN: Spruce Sands offers the option of a payment plan. This plan is an agreement to pay 8 post-dated cheques through the fall to spring months allowing you to be fully paid by April30th.

 SPEED LIMIT:  A speed limit of 10 K.P.H. within the park area is the limit, this includes golf carts.  Be careful, don’t speed and take extra care around corners, we have lots of children in the area and you cannot always see around the bend.

APPEARANCE:   It is the responsibility of the customer to maintain their campsite and camping unit  in  an  attractive, clean, and orderly condition.  Anything management deems unsightly will be requested to be removed at the tenants cost. Littering on a site is not acceptable.  A maintenance fee will be charged to campers neglecting their campsite.  Dumping is not allowed at the back of the sites.

DOUBLING UP:   Our  sites  are  designed  for  one  trailer  and  one  family.    Tents, tent trailer, camper vans and  sleeping in your vehicles are all considered doubling up and will result in eviction.

 STRUCTURES:  NO  wooden  structures,  such  as  sheds  or  cabanas,  or wooden wood sheds are  allowed  in  the  park.   Fences will not be allowed without approval.  Super spikes are not permitted anywhere in the park.   Limited  metal structures may be added to campsites only with permission of management.  Absolutely no self built screen rooms/ cabanas/ manitoba rooms will be allowed. An ‘add a room’ must be purchased as a prefabricated professionally manufactured item. Structures not meeting our specifications must be reconstructed or removed.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  No trailer, landing, etc may be closer than 15 feet from another unit.  Decks can be no longer or wider than the main body of the trailer.   In  certain  areas  of  the  park  trailer  sizes  will  be limited.  Please check with management before purchasing new units and also before any building project.  Only one extra fridge, which must be rated energy efficient, and two storage sheds (no more than 100 square feet in total, per shed and management approved) will be allowed per lot.  Damages made to park infrastructure above or below ground will result in costs to the tenants.

Internet and phone services may be provided by the lease holder and at their own expense. Antennas or satellites will not posted or drilled into living trees. Nor spikes or posts be placed in the ground. We suggest attaching any such units needed to your RV, Shed, gazebo, deck, etc.

OUR MOVING LIST: We have a moving list for current customers that wish to change sites within the campground. You may ask to be placed on this list and when a siite becomes empty/ available management will contact anyone on the list in the order in which they were placed on the list.

WHEN SELLING:  Property belongs to Spruce Sands.  You are leasing the use of it.  Selling your trailer on site in the campground is allowed with prior management authorization as long as all fees are paid.  All lots must revert to conform to the current rules of the resort.  One trailer, one extra fridge (must be energy efficient), two sheds (no more than 100 square feet in total, per shed), no cabanas, tent trailers and all fences must be removed.  Management reserves the right to not allow the site to be included with the sale.  Guest fees will not be carried over to purchaser in the event of a sale. Please check with us prior to sale.  No refund will be issued.  Transferring your site contract to another person or site will incure a $250 transfer fee.

PLAYGROUND:  Use of the playground is at your own risk.  Children should be supervised at all times.  For the safety of all guests and tenants the playground and other recreational structures will be closed at dusk.

GARBAGE:  Garbage must be put in plastic bags, tied, then deposited into the garbage container located  at  the  beginning  of  E  loop.   Any  item,  other  than  household  bagged  garbage  is  your responsibility, and should be taken to the R.M. of Gimli landfill, municipal permit may be required.  Ask for directions at the store.  If you cannot  remove  a  large  item  yourself  management  will  remove   the   item   for   you   at   our  convenience  at  a cost to you.  Anyone caught dumping garbage  or  other  items  in  undesignated  areas  (which  includes  the  area  outside  the  garbage container) will be charged a minimum fine of $250.00 and may also be evicted from the park.

There will be weekends dedicated to free items/ giveaways at your site (check summer calendar). Free items/ Giveaways placed at the front of your lot must be removed at the end of such weekend. Management asks that items not be place at the front of their sites outside of these designated weekends.

INSURANCE:  All units must be insured and management reserves the right to see that you are insured.  You are responsible for insuring  your  camping  unit and all personal belongings on  your campsite.  We  are  not  responsible  for  accidents,  power  failures,  thefts,  break-ins,  or  losses.  It  is  recommended  that  all perishable items be removed from your site before you leave for home.

ELECTRICAL SERVICE:  The  electrical  service  to  your  trailer  is  30 amps.   Please make sure you do  not  overload  your  wiring.   Flawed  electrical  cords,  and  or  connections,  must  be  replaced or repaired immediately.  For safety and maximum capability of amperage, a heavy duty 10-gauge electrical connection cord should be used.  NO MORE than 2 fridges, which includes the RV fridge, per lot and they should be energy efficient.  Please have your lights and air conditioners turned off when not  necessary  and  whenever  you  are  away. Management reserves the right to unplug your unit if lights and or air conditioners  are left on, on days when you are not here. Any losses will be paid by the tenants.  If  you  “pop”  your  breaker  we  will  turn  it  on  at our convenience and we will not go out after 10 PM or before 9 AM.  If you “pop” your breaker more than once per season, we may require that you have your trailer inspected by a certified electrician with a report given to us of its condition.  If you are unsure of what you can use please ask management.   If you pop your breaker more than 10 time, there will be a fee to replace your breaker.

Electrical pedestals will not be cut/ shortened to accommodate new trailers. The pedestal is your property line.

Please don’t use any type of plastic bag to weather proof your electrical pedestal. It can cause a fire, it can also prevent unplugging a trailer in a timely and safe manner if a fire is in progress. It is recommended to use a plastic pail (usually available at store, free of charge).

Management is not responsible for any damage or loss due to electrical repairs, power outages or popped breakers.

Every trailer should be unplugged during the ‘off season’ (October 1st – May long wknd). If a trailer is left plugged in overnight, there will be daily charges applied to leaseholders invoice. (100 amp service exempt)


At this time we do not have accommodating charging outlets for electric vehicles. We ask that you do not charge these vehicles at your site.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY:   Intentional  destruction  (vandalism)  of  any  park  property  or  other  campers property  will  result  in  the  eviction  of  said camper  and  family.  Tampering, defacing, moving or misuse of said property will not be tolerated.  In any of these cases the tenant may be criminally charged and/or evicted as well as charged for any and all repairs or replacement costs. You are responsible for your guests and any damage they may incur.

OFF ROAD VEHICLES:  Mini bikes, trikes and any other off road vehicles are not to be driven through the park at any time or for any reason as they are very noisy and tend to aggravate the other campers.  There are designated areas outside of the park that are excellent for these vehicles.

GOLF CARTS:  Golf carts are motorized vehicles and as such must be treated with respect and follow the highway traffic act.  No one without a valid drivers license will be permitted to operate a golf cart. They must follow the speed limits and all rules within the park.  Golf carts must be well maintained and kept in good running  condition.   Gas  powered  carts  must  be  maintained  to  operate  with  minimum  noise and  exhaust  pollution.   They  are  to  be  used  ONLY  on  the  main  road  systems.   NO  driving  on the communal grassed areas, except for event workers and handicapped customers, and NO cutting thru lots.  Hours of operation are 8 am to 11 pm.  All golf carts must have a park issued “golf cart pass”.  Each golf cart will be issued two decals, which must be displayed prominently on either side of the golf cart at all times.  Driving outside the park grounds on municipal and/or provincial roadways and allowances is illegal.  Management reserves the right to revoke golf cart privileges to any tenants not abiding the rules.

ROADS:   Please  keep  all  vehicles  off  the  grass.   We  have  roads  and  driveways  that  are made specifically for vehicles.  There will be no parking or driving on the grassed areas.  Violators will be dealt with promptly.

LIGHTING: LED only are permitted per site. Solar lighting is highly recommended. All outdoor lighting must be turned off when you retire for the night and not remain on during the week when you are not present.  Please insure your lighting does not interfere with your neighbours camping experience. Management reserves the right to turn off your power accordingly if rules are not abided.

WATER:  The  use  of  water  during  peak  hours  must  be  kept  to  a  minimum.   The  watering of plants, washing of vehicles, etc. will not be allowed at this time.  The watering  can be done during non peak hours such as the late evening or early morning.  Watering of the roadways is not allowed.

TRAILERS:   No trailer older than 10 years of age and in good condition will be permitted into the park  without  management   review / approval / permission.   All trailers in the campground must have wheels ON the trailer. It is the current leaseholders responsibility to make sure the trailer has usable and intact wheels, not managements. Upon  sale  or  transfer  of  ownership management  needs to be advised immediately so these rules can be presented and explained to the new tenants.  Management always has the right of refusal to accept any tenant.  Please see selling of trailers for more details.

As of 2023, all trailers bought/sold and/or being brought into our seasonal campground must have a  functional holding tank or a sewage caddy.

If you require any services, such as the moving of trailers, decks etc will be done, at management’s convenience, at a charge to you to be paid upon completion of work.

POLICY VIOLATORS:    Policy   violators   or   suspicious   persons   should   be   reported   to  management     immediately.  We ask that all complaints and concerns be directed to management.  This allows us to deal with your concern both expediently and efficiently.

Spruce Sands RV resort reserves the right to have any person or persons vacate the campground for a minimum  24  hour  period  effective  immediately  upon  violation  of  any  of  the  campground’s regulations.

A permanent eviction may be given by campground management for any infraction of these rules.  The  tenant  will  be  given  7  days  from  the  day  of  notice  to  remove  all  possessions.   In  the  7 day period, management  will  inspect  the  site  and  assess  any  damages.   All  monies  owed  must  be  paid  in full  before  belongings  can  be  removed.   Any  possessions  left  after  7  days  will  be  stored for  30  days  at  the  tenants  risk  and  expense,  and released upon payment.  After the  30  day  period,  all  possessions  become  the  property  of  Spruce  Sands  R.V  Resort.   When an eviction occurs there will be no refund or compensation. Property must be removed and not sold on site.

Please inform us immediately of any phone or address changes (including off season).  When the tenant wishes to vacate the trailer site, notice must be given in advance to the management.  There will be no sub-letting of trailers. Subletting of trailers will result in the immediate eviction of all tenants in both parties. No refunds for violators.

We  will  not  release  any  personal  information  regarding  our  customers,  without  prior  approval, except for lot numbers when someone is visiting you.  If this is unacceptable to any customer, please inform us in writing and we will act as requested.

The rules exist for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.  It is your responsibility to be aware of them and any changes that may occur.  By giving us your payment you are agreeing to the terms of this letter and to abide all of our rules and regulations.

Please  feel  free  to  come  to  us  for  assistance.   Your  comments  and  suggestions  are  most welcome.  We want your stay at Spruce Sands to be a happy and memorable one.

May  we  at  this  time  thank  all of our  guests for adhering to our rules and making a pleasant and enjoyable     atmosphere for all.



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